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Dive into the depths of safety with our scientifically-proven shark-repellent technologies. Understand how our products create a protective barrier that deters sharks without harming them or the marine ecosystem.

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From surfers to swimmers, we’ve got everyone covered. Browse our extensive range of shark-repellent products, including bands, wetsuits, and sprays. Each designed with convenience and effectiveness in mind to provide peace of mind in shark-inhabited waters.

Shark Safety

Learn essential tips and facts about shark behavior and safety measures. Knowledge is power—equip yourself with information on how to minimize risks while enjoying the ocean. Plus, get exclusive insights from marine biologists and safety experts.

What are Shark repellents?

Shark repellents are used to protect people from sharks by driving them away from areas where they might pose a threat to humans. These repellents aim to prevent sharks from attacking by affecting their senses, such as vision, smell, and electroreception. There are various types of shark repellents, including magnetic, electric, sound, semiochemical, and visual repellents. They are available in the form of surf leashes, rubber bands, spray cans, and wetsuits. Some are more suitable for surfers, while others are more comfortable for divers and occasional swimmers.

Although shark repellents and deterrents may not be 100% effective, they can help alleviate fears and provide some level of protection. Photo by Mile Ribeiro.

For example, the Ocean Guardian Freedom+ Surf has been shown to repel both white sharks and bull sharks, reducing the risk of being bitten by about 60%. However, it is critical to mention that no repellent can guarantee complete protection from a shark attack, and the effectiveness of these devices may vary depending on the shark species and the specific product used.

It is compulsory to follow scientific research and evidence when considering shark repellents, as some products on the market may not have been thoroughly tested or proven to be effective. In addition, it is necessary to remember that using shark repellent should not replace other safety measures and precautions when entering the ocean.

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